Jellystone Park Quarryville Supports Local Agriculture with Advanced Wastewater Treatment

[Grand Rapids, MI] June 26, 2024 – Northgate Resorts has announced the installation of a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant at Jellystone Park™ Quarryville, PA–an initiative aimed at supporting local farmer, Ben Flahart, and promoting environmental sustainability. This project centralizes and treats all wastewater from the campground, providing an eco-friendly irrigation solution for the neighboring farm.

In a significant upgrade from the traditional septic system, Jellystone Park™ Quarryville has installed a state-of-the-art, on-site wastewater treatment plant. This facility collects sewage from across the campground, processes it centrally, and treats it to a high standard suitable for discharge into streams. Rather than discharging it however, the treated water is recycled to irrigate Farmer Ben Flahart’s fields.

“This innovative system will support the local agricultural community in Quarryville,” said Shannon Sullivan, Chief Construction Officer at Northgate Resorts. “By replacing the traditional drain field with a modern sewer system, we’re ensuring efficient wastewater management and a commitment to sustainability.”

The collection system was upgraded with new underground piping to ensure all wastewater is directed to the central plant. The water is then treated to the proper discharge levels, regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The system utilizes an environmentally friendly biological treatment process to break down the waste that requires minimal chemicals to operate. Once treated, the clean water is pumped to a large holding tank on the adjacent farm. From there, it is intermittently sprayed over the fields using a large central pivot irrigation system, which operates like a sprinkler, ensuring even distribution of the water across the crops.

The treated water benefits non-consumption crops and livestock, showcasing the potential for similar systems in other campgrounds. This initiative sets a precedent for responsible water use and recycling, reinforcing Northgate Resorts as an environmental steward in the outdoor hospitality industry.

About Northgate Resorts

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