Northgate Resorts and White Pine Digital collaborate to achieve groundbreaking integration for camping industry

Innovative partnership results in significant company achievement, leading to an improved user experience, seamless booking process, and enhanced functionality 

[Grand Rapids, MI] September 28, 2023 – Northgate Resorts, a prominent operator of camping resorts nationwide, is pleased to announce its integration with campground website provider, White Pine Digital. The collaboration aims to enhance the booking experience for customers and solidify Northgate Resort’s position as a leader in the camping industry.

The partnership with White Pine Digital marks a significant milestone for Northgate Resorts, now enabling a majority of its properties to utilize a new and sophisticated guest-centric booking experience. Northgate Resorts and White Pine Digital are unlocking this experience through the use of a proprietary Online Booking API from Campspot—the largest campground and reservation management software, powering more than 2,300 private campgrounds in the US and Canada. 

Northgate Resorts and White Pine Digital have worked diligently to provide a consistent and immersive online experience for customers. The integration allows for a customized booking workflow tailored to meet the unique marketing demands of each individual property. Additionally, the advancement provides the freedom to introduce custom CRM integrations and promotional signups, improving the ability to collect valuable data on the customer experience. The enhanced data collection enables Northgate Resorts to better understand consumer preferences and tailor their outreach accordingly.

“We are thrilled about the advancements made with White Pine Digital, allowing our loyal consumers to engage with the best experience,” said Tessa McCrackin, the Chief Marketing Officer of Northgate Resorts. “The collaboration is a major milestone in the ongoing success of Northgate Resort’s impact in the camping industry and we look forward to continuing the momentum with a myriad of new and upcoming enhancements.”

“The goal of the integration is to create an inviting, fast, and comprehensive booking experience that showcases all the offerings at a campground,” said Sam Berry, the Founder of White Pine Digital. “It is the first multi-brand implementation using a centralized pattern and system, allowing customers to browse unavailable inventory and available dates through a color-coded calendar. ” 

Since the implementation, engagement time has increased by 25%, inventory item views per user have increased by 44%, and the average time spent on the campground domain per user has seen a remarkable 405% increase.

Through this innovative integration, Northgate Resorts and White Pine Digital will enhance the user experience on their websites and streamline the convenience of direct booking. Northgate Resorts continues to be a leading force in the camping industry, with a portfolio of over 28 campgrounds and resorts that offer an exceptionally curated, all-in-one destination for the local community and visitors. A full list of properties in their portfolio can be found here

About Northgate Resorts

Northgate Resorts is a family-owned real estate company, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dedicated to guest satisfaction and providing a family-friendly camping experience, Northgate owns and operates the most awarded Camp-Resort portfolio in the nation, including 20 Jellystone Park™ locations. For more information on Northgate Resorts, please visit

About White Pine Digital

White Pine Digital is a software design and engineering firm based in Grand Haven, Michigan. Focused on developing reusable, enterprise-grade technology to empower campgrounds of all sizes, White Pine Digital’s products have serviced 10 million campers worldwide. White Pine Digital offers a variety of campground products, including a self-signup website builder that can be tried for free. Visit to learn more and sign up today.

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